Complete Email Campaign & Newsletter Solutions

D-News Email Marketing & Campaigns

D-News is a powerful email newsletter campaign platform developed by Sydney Web Design team Demonz Media. Our team has extensive experience in the email marketing industry which allows us to provide high return on investment for our clients. To address the large demand for quality email newsletter campaigns the D-News email campaign systems was created.

Each campaign can be partly or completely controlled by the client, while our designers provide professional newsletter layouts to enhance the look and feel of your newsletters. Because of the advanced architecture of the D-News platform, you will be able to track the progress of newsletter campaigns very accurately in order to get feedback and improve results. The result is better relationships with your customers and improved sales & advertising opportunities.

For compatibility D-News can be used as a standalone email marketing platform or as an addition to your existing marketing efforts. It is also simple to import and export contact lists and integrate D-News email campaigns with other newsletter marketing efforts & CRM systems.

To make an enquiry, please contact Demonz.